OPRI LIFE Performance Enzyme

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OPRI LIFE's Performance Enzyme provides a blend of natural digestive enzymes to supplement those provided by foods and the body itself. Taken with each meal, this formula is a preventive tool, assisting digestion, alleviating gastrointestinal discomfort, and restoring energy to the body to improve overall health.


  • Absorbs nutrients from food
  • Breaks down and absorbs food, preventing gas
  • Restores natural energy
  • Reduces allergies and arthritis
  • Promotes weight control

Why choose us?

Made in USA

OPRI Life is proud to stand behind our products, staff, volunteers, and our customers. Our Company values the formulation of pure and truly Organic Products so we can assure quality nutrtitional supplements to improve the lives, health, and increase life expectancy for our customers.

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