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OPRI LIFE 100 % Organic Tropical Flavor Whole Plant Extraction Protein

Contains 21g of Organic Protein

DIRECTIONS: Blend or mix I scoop to 8 oz of Water, Almond Milk, Juice or Blend with Yogurt, or fresh/frozen fruit. When mixing, add chosen liquid first, then Daily Protein Plus, and stir the mixture briskly until completely dispersed.
Consume more than one scoop daily (possibly 2-3 servings) is recommended for those trying to increase their dietary protein intake while decreasing intake of carbohydrates.


Protein is important for Maintaining Muscle and Bone Mass, for keeping the Immune System Strong and to Prevent Fatigue. Without it, we wouldn't function at our best and our bodies wouldn't be able to support us long-term.

May Support: Muscle Support, Organ Strength, Balanced Cortisol, Brain Support

Who May Use It: Athletes, Anyone Looking To Gain Muscle and Strength

This product does not contain GMO’s corn, soy, wheat gluten, maltodextrin, artificial sweeteners, dairy, coloring, stabilizers, pesticides, or any other artificial ingredients.


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