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OPRI LIFE's Vitamin B12 sublingual lozenges are the easiest and most affordable way to maintain the healthy functioning of your brain, nerve and blood cells. Vitamin B12 helps to stabilize the body’s red blood cells responsible for carrying oxygen to the entire body. Vitamin B12 is known to insulate nerve cells and produce cell-restoring DNA to help your body build new, healthy cells. 


  • Increases energy, preventing fatigue and lethargy
  • Assists body, mind, blood flow, and mental capacity.
  • Helps Prevent mood swings and depression
  • Improve and produce cell-restoring DNA
  • Renews hair, skin, and nail cells, leaving complexion younger and more replenished

Why choose us?

Made in USA

OPRI Life is proud to stand behind our products, staff, volunteers, and our customers. Our Company values the formulation of pure and truly Organic Products so we can assure quality nutrtitional supplements to improve the lives, health, and increase life expectancy for our customers.

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